In June of 1995 our stage was flled with familiar tunes from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Classic,


Miss Laurey Williams (Susan Leuschke) tells of how she can easily resist the affections of any one man, as she sings "Many A New Day".
Ado Annie(Shawn Duthoo) tells how she can't resist the affections of any man, as she sings: "I Can't Say No!".
The boys check out "The Little Wonder".

Will Parker(Clete Coursen) puts his foot down with Ado Annie. He's a one woman man and has to know if she's the one woman for him! Will sings: "All Er Nothin".
Ike Skidmore (James Harrelson) attempts to talk sense to Jud Fry (Joe Marsh) after Jud loses the bid for Laurey's box lunch. Revenge is the only thing that makes sense to Jud.

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Updated February 25, 2001