In August of 1996, our audiences enjoyed Meredith Willson's,


Harold Hill (Marc Vasquez) spins a web of deceit as he describes the "Trouble" he sees right here in River City! Alma Hix (Susie Ward) finds herself caught in his web.
 Charlie Cowell (Clete Coursen) warns against the bad reputation traveling salesmen are getting from the tactics of Harold Hill!

"He's just a bang beat bell-ringin' big haul, great go, neck-or-nothin' rip-roaring, ever time-a-bull's-eye salesman, that's Professor Harold Hill, Harold Hill. (From left to right: Mike Walter, Jim Beaty and Dennis Dolan).

Harold Hill (Marc Vasquez) spell binds the citizens of River City Iowa as he fills their heads with plans of a Boy's Band!
The school board members surprise even themselves as they strike a chord.(From left to right: Nic Vasquez, David Potter, Darren Bielejeski and Chris Pack).
The Ladies Auxillary Committee perform their Del Sarte display of Grecian Urns at the Ice Cream Sociable. (From left to right: Erin Meder, Susan Leuschke, Dalene Vasquez, Susie Ward and Nancy Beaty).

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