In January 1999, KHCT got
"Cheaper By The Dozen"

After another "efficiency lesson" from Dad (Gary Miller), Mother (Diane Gardner) checks to see if he follows his own rules as the kids (Owen Howard, Traci Harder, Colleen Kane, Meghan Retzlaff, Doug Gill, Jayson McNary, Allison Bertoldie, Bethany Rowell, Bill Ryczek) watch on.

Martha, Ernistine, Ann, and Larry (B.J. West) discuss the "stopping power" of well-placed nails, especially when a car is involved.

Ernestine, Frank , Martha, Fred, Lillian, Jackie, and Danielle  put on a show for Dad and Mother. Ernestine and Frank star as... Dad and Mother!

Miss Brill (Patti Buhler) grades Ann's test to see if she'll be able to graduate early from high school.

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Updated February 25, 2001